Upcoming and Recent Exhibitions

We also regularly host exhibitions in various locations around the world. These offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the quality of our works in a unique environment and offer you the opportunity to meet some of the artists.

Please find below a list of upcoming art exhibitions:

  • September - October 2007: three HORSE ART exhibitions in Athens in aid of the endangered Hellenic Hipparion.
    Three exhibitions at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Athens will be held in aid of the Hellenic Hipparion or "Skyros horse" this autumn. Works by twenty international painters, sculptors and art photographers will be on display at the following events:
    • 27 - 30 September: Three-star International Jumping Cup CS13*
    • 3 - 8 October: Athina Onassis de Miranda "Global Champions Tour" and "Grand Prix" final
    • 11 - 14 October: Jumping World Cup CS14*
    Come and show your support!
    Participating artists:
    Ioanna ASSIMENOU - Gérald BUTHAUD - Christine DARBOUX - Yves DONNAY - Laurent FRISON - Françoise GRESSE - Jon Olav HELLE - Christiane JAVAUX - Makis KONSTANDELAKIS - Michael LAWRENCE - Philippe MEYRIER - Audrey MIGEOTTE - Claudine MORSA - Anna Maria NIKOLOPOULOU - Georges PENNAS - Martine PICARD-HELARY - Aliki Alexandra STEEN - Cherry SWEIG - Ariane THONON - Vassilis TZOUMAS

  • Permanent Exhibition in Athens, Greece
    Following the three HORSE ART exhibitions in Athens in 2005 and 2006 and in response to the interest shown by the local public, we decided to open in Athens a permanent HORSE ART exhibition in aid of the Hellenic small-horse or "Skyros horse.