SILVA Project

SILVA is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 for the breeding and protection of rare animals and for the propagation of various plant species. Today the SILVA Project focuses on the preservation and breeding of the “hipparion” (small horse) of Skyros, a horse that has played a major role in Greek history.

SILVA’s breeding programme is located on the Kanoni peninsula near Corfu Town on the Ionian island of Corfu, Greece. All funds received are directly invested in our programmes listed below.

Our breeding programme has obtained official recognition from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture and we have been members of Rare Breeds International (RBI) since 2003.


  • To continue breeding and promoting the Skyros horse so that it will never again reach the verge of extinction.
  • To develop a new role for the Skyros horses since they make an ideal mount for children. The small size and good nature of the horses help children build confidence.
  • To set up a programme for children with special needs and offer such children the benefits of hippotherapy.

  SILVA Project